Look What You 've Done By Drake Essay

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“Look what you’ve done by Drake”
Ever since the first time I heard this song I’ve always felt so sad listening. Although he 's talking about his mother it had always spoke to me in a different way as if he was talking about an ex. But then I listened a little closer. The first time I heard this it was a summer night at my cousin 's house and we were all on our way to sleep and in the dark my cousin just plays the song I instantly fell in love with this song it was a legitimately touching tribute to his mother and uncle. This song is great at describing the people who shaped Drake for the man he is today. He explains personal experiences and barriers and does not look for pity in anything. This was one of the first songs Drake got personal about family. The song isn 't all about his mother and uncle he throws in things about ex-girlfriends and such putting a little heartbreak edge to it. For example when the songs opens he says “It’s like ’09 in your basement and I’m in love with Nebby and I still love her but it fell through because I wasn’t ready”. When he says this he talking about being in his mother’s basement with his now ex Nebby and how he loved her but it did not work out. He fluently goes over all his mother’s unhealthy habits and how he talks to her about making changes because the things she is doing is detrimental to her health. The song is about a bunch of hardships drake is going through growing up with his mother. Drake’s…

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