Look for Me by Moonlight Essay

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1. The title Look For Me By Moonlight is relevant to the novel because the main character Cynda would meet the mysterious man staying at there hotel whom she had a crush on at moonlight every night. It is appropriate because Cynda grew very fond of Vincent by these visits every night, which lead to the main conflict.

2. It was approximately seventy pages before the author captured my interest in this book. This occurred when Vincent first started staying at the Inn. The mysterious man made we want to find out what will happen next.

3. The mood of this book is suspense and mystery. The author creates this mood by starting the book out with a young girl Cynda staying with her father for the winter in a haunted Inn. This mood
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Todd has a fear of wolfs and often feels like there are wolfs under his bed. One of Todd's ambitions is to prove to his family that Vincent is not the person they think he is.

8. The main conflict in this book is when a young teen, Cynda moves in for the winter with her dad whom she has not seem since she was six, and her step mom and step brother in, a deserted Inn, on the Maine Coast. A strange man comes and stays in the Inn for a month. Cynda becomes infatuated by his mysterious charm and becomes in love with him after meeting him every night by the ocean at midnight. The mysterious man turns out to be a ghost who had been haunting the Inn for years. Cynda became aware of her love's evil after she caught him sucking life from her step brother, yet she could not say anything for she loved him so much. In the end Cynda realizes she must take action and stop Vincent for good.

9. This book is written in 1st person point of view.

10. The setting of this book is a haunted Inn on the Maine coast. In one part of the book a friend of Cyndas takes her to town in his truck but besides this the setting stays the same throughout the whole novel yet at times we are taken to the beach where Cynda and Vincent would meet at night.

11. One incident in the book is when Cynda found out that Vincent used people's energy to stay alive. He sucked Todds energy out and put him to sleep. Because of Cynda's strong love for Vincent she couldn't say anything to

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