Look Better, Comfortable, Live Better Essay

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Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better
Now a days, everywhere you go there is a new product on the market that is supposed to help you lose weight or become a healthier person. The question though is which products actually work. About a year ago, my boyfriend had asked me if I was interested in maintaining a healthy weight and being happier with my body. Without thinking about it, my answer was yes. To get my attention, he told me that he had a product for me that could help me lose 10 pounds in just 10 days. He reassured me that it was in a tremendously healthy way. Who wouldn’t want that? Even though the main goal for AdvoCare is not necessarily the weight lost, but rather learning the proper nutrition humans need to stay healthy. As he clarified for me what this marketing company was, I knew that AdvoCare was going to be the best thing that could happen to my body, and I could not pass the chance up. AdvoCare has helped my body in more than just one way and has helped me gain healthy habits. AdvoCare would be something that I would recommend everybody to try if they are looking to improve their health.
AdvoCare is a company that has created products to help with many things such as sport performance, nutritional weight-management, and skin care products (About AdvoCare). AdvoCare was founded by Charlie Ragus in 1993 and has grown since then, making it the most popular program as of right now (Robinson). AdvoCare has a number of products to offer such as their AdvoCare…

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