`` Loofah La Belle 's Article `` Analyzes The Fundamental Meaning Of Love And The Insanity

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As Spring rolls along, we enter into a period of loveliness: a warm season of blooming happiness. How lovely is it? So lovely that the love brings upon us a “transitory sickness” that comes with spring fever. It is the “darling month when everyone throws self-control away” and we become victims to the loveliness, and dive into the mirage of infatuation. Jenijoy La Belle’s article, “Loofah Is,” explores the fundamental meaning of love and the insanity that derives from it. “Loofah Is,” displays the artificial meaning of love through its known stereotypes, yet effectively captures the true, unaltered idea of infatuation. Jenijoy La Belle’s article critically analyzes the ways that people behave a certain way when they fall in love. Depending on the situation at hand, relationships can result in two ultimatums: a beautiful, yet cliché, happy ending, or end badly, with negative consequences. Belle then goes on to sum up her ideas of love and what it can do to women using examples of personal experiences that I closely relate to. From past experiences as well as experiences that I’ve been through with my closest friends, I believe that women tend to handle situations in extreme ways due to their idea of love rather than the love that they’re experiencing itself. Instead of behaving rationally in a situation, their idea of love distorts their behavior. Belle discusses how once a relationship is built, the couple commits themselves to one another. Love impairs one’s…

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