Long Term Memory Essay

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During the course of our lives we create and retain memories that make up who we are. The majority of these memories most likely stored as long-term memory. These particular memories will last for the rest of your life or for a great period of time. There are four different types of long-term memory. These four types of memory are called procedural, emotional, episodic, and semantic memory. The memories created in these areas are very important for many different reasons. These details can define who we are and what we do based on past experiences.
One area of long-term memory is called semantic memory. Semantic memory is a memory of raw data and information, such as remembering dates, mathematical formulas, addresses, the names of cities,
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Some of these emotional memories can be associated with paranoia, and fears. For example. You feel great joy and admiration whenever you see an astronaut on TV, because as a child you had seen one of the space shuttles shoot off into space and felt those same emotions. As I had said earlier, is associated with paranoia’s because you could have experienced a traumatic earlier and you feel the same way because of the similar stimuli. Growing up I had been in a lot of car crashes and have had a couple of family members die in car crashes. However I wasn’t afraid of cars I was afraid of getting behind the wheel and driving cars. The anxiety that I felt was because the bad memories that I had associated with driving a car. Emotional memories could be considered as triggers, because of an emotional stressor.
The long-term memory can account for a lot of aspects of our lives, such as how we feel, perform, remember, and recall. Episodic memory helps us recall a dramatic event. Procedural memory is used to make a task easier the more you perform it. Semantic memory very useful when it comes to remembering facts and data. Emotional memory resurfaces feelings from past experiences. These long-term memories are pretty useful to us because they help us learn throughout our

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