Essay on Long Term Investment Tactics That A Capital Market Analyst

1000 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
Everything has a cost. The world revolves on an axis of money. Although this has an evil overtone, it gives capital market analysts their job. They are in charge of helping clients, or investors, know when to buy/sell their shares in the stock market. Besides helping them with stocks, a capital market analyst makes several presentations and proves they have a standing relationship with the bank. Before helping the investors know when to buy and sell, they must help them decide what to invest in. There are several different long-term investment tactics that a capital market analyst may use. One strategy they may use is investing in a stock and industry that their client can understand. If the client has no knowledge in the industry, then it is dangerous since they do not know what is going on within the field. Another approach is to start investing as early as possible; this allows the money to have more time to multiply. The other tactic is to diversify investments. This protects investors if one industry or stock crashes; they do not completely lose all of the money they invested. As of now, pharmaceuticals and 3D printing are two industries that are looking suitable for a long-term investment. There are several reasons why the pharmaceutical industry is a popular long investment industry among capital market analysts. First off, the industry can be bought for fairly cheap shares (at the correct time) and then sold with a large price tag. Also, with today’s…

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