Long Term Health Care Services Essay

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Long-term care industry consists of various providers in the community-based settings, quasi-institutions, and institutional facilities. This industry cannot function without other key partners. Institutional providers are the most visible sector of the long-term care industry. A variety of health care personnel are involved in the delivery of long-term care and the ancillary sector includes case management agencies that assist clients with identifying and obtaining appropriate long-term care services.
Nursing homes
The service is a long term health care service offered by normally physicians or entrepreneurs who can associate with quality physicians in the industry and offer services to society. The main element of success lies in the hands of physicians and their quality services. The more experience in the industry gives advantage to the service provider. The range of services offered includes emergency care, inpatient care, outpatient care and specialty care.
If the Nursing home is a non-profit organization, its funding sources are different. Nursing homes receive donations by individuals, donations by charitable trusts, donations by corporate bodies and the government. On the other hand, if the organization is a private one, the funding is provided by the patients.
The buyer here is the patient. They can assess the trends of a service provider by observing the success rate of each physician who is rendering their services in the Nursing home. The service seekers can…

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