Long Term Goals By Developing Personal Goals Essays

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First, I set short and long term goals, though the project was supposed to be completed within a relatively short amount of time. I slightly modified the length of the goals based on the objective and purpose of the project. I set small daily goals that comprised of a combination of getting more sleep and nightly preparations. I also set what is considered long term goals by developing personal goals based on the short term goals. The first long term (weekly goal) I set was to complete case review assignment in full per week. Since, the details of my job cannot be explained within this paper, suffice it to say this chore was no easy feat. The first week, I did just this. I prepared nightly for the next day and at the end of each work day, I prepared the next event to be handled in order to completely finish the file review. At the end of the week, I reflected on the task that I assigned myself. I assessed the situation for what it was while being honest about how I managed the chores and how I felt about this accomplishment. Immediately, I noted that I absolutely loved nightly preparations. Preparing myself and the task on the night before, put my mind at ease because I knew what I needed to do and I realized that this put me at a better mental state of being. The next thing I noticed was the fact that the one long term task I set for myself was completed. I felt a moment of reprieve but that feeling fleeted as quickly as it arrived. Which brings me to the next task I set…

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