Long Term Care For Someone Who Is Part Of The Elder Community

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In the 2000, almost 10 million people needed some form of long-term care in the United States. Of this population, 3.6 million (37%) were under age 65 and 6 million (63%) were over age 65 (Alz.Org, 2016). Almost 70% of people turning age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives. These are facts that may be hard to look at, but, everyone needs to understand that you are going to get older unless you die young.
Factors for long-term care
Age, Gender, Disability, Health status, and living arrangements, are all factors to consider when care for someone who is part of the elder community (Longtermcare.Gov, 2016). The older you are, the more likely you will need long-term care. It is horrible to think that you may one day, must live in facility or have someone take care of you. However, with preplanning the transition to either situation can be easier or smoother. So, fare this research paper has discussed way to prevent elder abuse. However, what happens before the elderly can be abused.
As discussed earlier women are more likely to be abused that men. So, it is vital to find caregiver for older women, who will take care of them properly. We are all aware that women outlive men by about five years on average, so they are more likely to live at home alone when they are older. Most women think that their significant other will be there to care for them as they get older, however the truth is most women end up alone. Although this is a hard station to…

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