Essay about Long Road For Equality By Mary Wilkins

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Long Road for Equality
Oppression will not last forever. Sooner or later, the oppressed subject will stand up against the oppressor someday and finally attains freedom, dignity, and respect. Mary Wilkins wrote her fictional short story, which mainly focused on a woman to stand up against her authoritarian husband. She wrote it during the time when women had no voice and counted as a second class citizen if not a slave. One of those women was Sara Penn. Mrs. Penn was married to a farmer named Mr. Adoniram from New England while her character was a patient, devout, hardworking and respectful mother, plus had no role to make any decision in her house. Moreover, she was not treated better than her husband’s cow. Mr. Adoniram built a new barn for his animals while his wife stayed in an old, wall-paper torn and dilapidated roof home. Moreover, he promised to build her a decent home but he did not fulfill his promise for forty years. However, Mrs. Penn took action and moved to live there while her husband was out of town. In the story, “The Revolt of ‘Mother,’” Mary Wilkins portrays the voiceless wife as ‘mother,’ who is indecisive and confined, but transformed into a role model for women who changed the societies’ view of equality.
Mrs. Sara Penn is a ‘mother’, but the word ‘mother’ can have different meanings such as a maid woman, selfless wife, or just a caring person to her kids. First, according to the story, Mrs. Sara Penn is maid because the writer speaks clearly saying,…

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