Long Lasting Memories In Annette Kuhn's Myth

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Long Lasting Memories
In Annette Kuhn’s words, “Family photographs are supposed to show not so much that we were once there, as how we once were: to evoke memories which might have little or nothing to do with what is actually in the picture” (Kuhn). Photographs last a lifetime, and instill memories that will solemnly fade away, but never will they be forgotten. Although memories are not always positive, they define who we are today, they change our outlooks on life and the experiences we encounter, and they reflect who we are. While the memories may bring catharsis, they can also evoke a sense of guilt or pity, which we see in “Silent Dancing” and “The Idea of Ancestry.” Both Cofer and Knight vividly express their emotions and mental states
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Throughout the home video her drunken uncle, her saddened aunt, and her pregnant cousin are introduced, and each experience they encounter is revealed through Cofer’s feelings. Growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood and enduring racism because of her Puerto Rican heritage, the home video reminds Cofer of instances such as her father’s encounter with landlords and her mother’s trips to the grocery stores. Describing almost every detail in the play Cofer gives readers vivid examples of scenes in the home video, she states, “We have a home movie of this party. Several times my mother and I have watched it together, and I have asked questions about the silent revelers coming in and out of focus. It is grainy and of short duration, but it 's a great visual aid to my memory of life at that time. And it is in color -- the only complete scene in color I can recall from those years” (Cofer). The word grainy reminds me of home videos filmed with a camcorder, with the dates located at the bottom or top right corner of the television to show when the video was recorded. In the end of the video, we vivdly see her uncle, Cofer describes him as, “shrunken and

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