Long Day's Journey Into Night Essay

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Changes affect people every day, and people react to changes in many ways. In Long Day’s Journey into Night, the characters experience many trials and obstacles in their lives that induced a change. In physics, there is the principle known as the Coriolis Effect or Force, which is the effect a rotating object has on the motion of another object. The trials experienced in the lives of the characters are the Coriolis Force in their lives that induced the change in their behavior or lifestyle. The Coriolis Effect is an inertial force that causes an object moving perpendicular to a rotating body to veer off of its intended course. The Coriolis Effect acts on objects, compounding with other forces that affect motion. This effect causes the path …show more content…
The American Dream is the belief that anyone can be successful in a capitalist market as long as he/she works hard. Tyrone’s dream was to be a Shakespearean actor, but he failed to do this. The destruction and dysfunction of his family as well as his inability to get new roles in the theatre contributed to this failure. Instead of returning to acting or beginning a new career, Tyrone blames those around him for his misfortunes and turns to alcohol for comfort, using it to escape his failures. His failure to achieve the “American Dream” was so detrimental to the way he functioned because he never knew success at a young age. After his father’s death when Tyrone was twelve, he went to work in order to support his family. He knew what it meant to be poor and never wanted that kind of life when he was older, but his failure in the theatre community threatened this. Another failure for which he feels guilty is the dysfunction within his family. Ultimately, Mary’s addiction was his fault, and he drinks to avoid confronting her problem as well as his guilt for the disconnect within his family. In an attempt to escape the lack of relationships within his family, he only worsened them and caused his family to grow even further apart, which is shown through their dishonesty and the omissions of information that they tell one

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