Essay about Loneliness : Types Of Loneliness

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Types of loneliness Several theorists proposed distinct types of loneliness. They articulated different quality of experiences of loneliness in service to define the experience. Gleaning from various qualities of experience described by those scholars, loneliness is a complex human experience as it has many aspects. Fromm-Reichmann (1959) asserted that there are several different types of loneliness. She distinguished culturally determined loneliness, self-imposed aloneness, compulsory solitude, isolation, and real loneliness. She noted that those experiences are not well distinguished from one another. She placed a particular attention to the concept she referred as real loneliness on her article published in 1959. According to Fromm-Reichmann (1959), real loneliness refers to “the deep threat of the uncommunicable, private emotional experience” (p. 2) that is not mere solitude. She observed that people who struggle with this type of loneliness are emotionally paralyzed, helpless, and long for interpersonal intimacy. Anxiety can be used to avoid some kinds of loneliness but those who experience severe real loneliness cannot escape from it (Fromm-Reichmann, 1959). Weiss (1973) perceived loneliness as a natured response to certain circumstances, not a sign of weakness or selfishness. He famously distinguished the experience into 2 categories: social isolation and emotional isolation. Social isolation refers to a response to a lack of social interaction and integration.…

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