Essay on Loneliness Over Time : The Crucial Role Of Social Anxiety

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The article Loneliness over time: The crucial role of social anxiety, by Michelle H. Lim, Thomas L. Rodebaugh, John F.M. Gleeson, and Michael J. Zyphur seeks to address that loneliness can have an impact on other mental health issues rather than just being a symptom towards a mental health problem. I believe the reason why the impact of loneliness on mental health is not researched much as an impact because more people tend to believe that if you have a certain mental disorder that loneliness is just a symptom.
In the article the authors are trying to prove that being lonely or feeling lonely is not just a symptom however it can cause additional serious issues. Lim, Rodebaugh, Gleeson and Zyphur hypothesized that social anxiety and paranoia would contribute to loneliness. To support their hypothesis, they examined how loneliness relates to social anxiety, paranoia, and depression symptoms in a sample of 1,010 people which the people’s ages ranged from the age of 18 to 87 years old. The way they performed this experiment was that they administered online measures over 3 time points across a 6-month period. In their cross-lagged structural equation model, which controlled trait levels and prior states, their results implied that earlier loneliness predicts future states of social anxiety, paranoia, and depression. They also concluded that earlier social anxiety was the only predictor of future loneliness. The results Lim, Rodebaugh, Gleeson, and Zyphur obtained “suggest that…

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