Essay about Loneliness : My Family And Friends

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Loneliness has been my major problem since I came into the United States in May, 2015. My family and friends are all in Nigeria. The life I live now is very different from how I had lived in Nigeria. I was so busy in Nigeria that sometimes I sneaked out of my house for thirty minutes just to get a quiet nap. I was the production manager of a juice company, and my job took all my time during the week and weekends. I scheduled production for weekends when the company ran out of products, or had a high demand for their products. On several occasions, the machine had broken down during the week and I had to return to the factory at the weekend. At home, I had two troublesome kids— five and three years old, a husband who eats too much, yet he cannot cook and that makes me spend more time cooking for either him or my children. On weekends we had visitations, and birthday parties to attend. My sister and her family also lived within the same county, and we had so much fun together.
Here in the United States, I have no family, or friends to interact with. I get locked up in my room all the time without anybody to talk to. Because of the busy life I lived in Nigeria, I became so lonely that I started missing my family more than I had expected. There are no kids to make me scream, or a husband to cook for. The loneliness became a big problem because I could not move around, for I had no car to drive around the town with, and the city has no public transportation…

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