Lone Ranger Essay example

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Bright lights, loud sounds of coins jingling in the bottom of a machine, dense smokey air covers the room like a thick ominous blanket. People in a trance are oblivious to the long haired, lightly colored red skinned man hobbling through the casino floor as he accidently bumps into a man dazed by the machine. “Watch where you’re going gas-huffer! yells the man. The red man does not reply just stumbles off into the fog. “Call an ambulance” someone in the fog yells, “This man needs help!” When the paramedic arrives he tries to speak to the red skinned man, “What’s the problem?” asked the paramedic, the red man whispers for him to come closer because his breath is escaping. He whispers something into the paramedic’s ear and the paramedic …show more content…
Grievously Alexie does not let him off the hook and infers in simple languge that he could still go crazy and still cause him harm.
Now being stereotyped for just being out of “place” is unfortunately something that happens everyday. Alexie in his sotrie is “instigating crucial dialogue about social and moral issues” (Joseph L Coulombe author and owner of Trader Joe’s). One example of this is when Alexie is pulled over by the police for being in the wrong residential neighborhood. The reason it is the wrong residential neighborhood was because he did not fit the characterization of this nice neighborhood. Alexie does not say what fits the so called profile of the neighborhood, but this is typical of stereotyping in a situation we see someone that is lost but ends up being out of place, because his looks are not acceptable to what social norm they had deemed. This is a perfect case of typical stereotyping.
Even in our personal lives from our family members or colleges we experience a certain degree of stereotyping. ''White people only like Indians if we're warriors or guardians of the earth. Guardians of the earth! (Timothy Egan is the Seattle bureau chief of The New York Times.) The time where Indians beat on drums and pray to the earth for guidance is a far away tradition that has long been abandoned. Alexie tells us even his ex-girlfriend ask him about what is stereotypical of American Indians, like

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