London Riots Essay

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What started as a peaceful protest on August the 6th, 2011; two days after the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan Police; the day changed for the worse when outbreaks of public disorder occurred in Tottenham and then escalated to other parts of London and other cities. With 16,000 police officers guarding the streets (Evans L, 2011,accessed 2011), a total of 187 police officers were injured and five civilians killed during the violent clashes. So with saying that, has Policing the community improved since the 2011 London riots? This essay will consider the reasons why it has improved and also where it has not improved to an extent in some areas.

The Police and the Government tried significantly hard to turn around what happened five years ago, for example as soon as tension went down, they reviewed what happened and decided to make big changes. Following the London riots the government set up the Riots Communities and Victims Panel. This was setup to investigate the causes and how to make sure no further disorder spirals like this in the further future. The panel not only looked into ways to stop further disorder, but also how to tackle it now. Page 55 of the Riots Communities and
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For example, this article titled ‘Do the public still trust the police?’ (BBC news. 2014) it mentions every example of bad policing such as the Hillsborough disaster to the Brixton riots of 1981. However, in the article it suggests that the community do trust the police at a steady rate. Research company Ipsos MORI asked 1000 members of the public if they trust the Police to tell the truth. It suggests 65% trust them to tell the truth (Skinner g 2014) Unfortunately the year before, it was around the same percentage. So around 2 in 3 trust the police to tell the

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