"London 1802" vs "Douglass" Essay

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Monique Morua
Mrs. Allen
AP English Lit and Comp, 2
26 October 2012
“London 1802” vs. “Douglass” FRQ
Throughout the centuries, there have been an infinite amount of literary works written by a sea of authors that write a variety of genres. All of these works are precious in their own way, and even if their theme is similar to that of another, the author always ads a bit of his/her own flare in order to make said literary creation unique in some way. William Wordsworth’s “London 1802” and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s “Douglass”, although quite similar in form and sentence structure, do add their own flare through the use of specific details. Through the use of these devices, the speakers show their disgust for the evil deeds humans do and
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This line makes the reader believe that there is still hope in humanity. All we need is comforting from the wicked world and we can become better people. We have the qualities that make for decent citizens, we just no longer show them. Wordsworth, however, shows no sympathy nor hope for humanity. He states “Oh! Raise us up, return to us again; and give us manners, virtue, freedom, power” (Wordsworth line 8). This suggests that Wordsworth has lost all hope in humanity and believes that the qualities that make for decent people are lost. People need someone to show them the qualities that make for good people, they need to be shown. Although both speakers believe that humanity is cruel and abominable, the way they perceive the solution is obviously much different.
With the devices used throughout both poems, it is apparent that society needs to change in order to become better. The way things are is absolutely horrendous and by no means is it suitable for living in. Although both poems express similar ideals, the state of mind of the speaker is clearly much different, and the way to go about fixing society is also much different. Because the devices and tone used throughout both poems was different, it in turn made their works of literature truly a one-of-a-kind.

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