Loman And Our Town Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Their battle towards self-accomplishment is paralleled in their roles represented by their authors, respectively. As the play progresses, one can feel that Linda Loman has a blind love for her husband. She continually submits to his rude and often headstrong images supporting the thesis of a humble woman of integrity. This blind love that envelopes Linda has the same effect on Emily in Our Town. Accepting marriage to George Webb at such an early age forced her to blindly trust George to support her. “All I want is someone to love me” (Wilder IIi 76) cries Emily, desperate and confused. But soon she forgot her fears and embraced her new life readily. With the successful endeavor that she had already experienced, she does not want change from her stable life. She ponders the question “why can’t I stay for awhile just as I am” (Wilder IIi 75), but boldly accepts her new life with George. Also, when she dies in Act III, she constantly begs to go back to her existence when she was alive. She wanted to “go back there and live all those days over again” (Wilder IIIi 91) because she didn’t want to change her environment. Linda Loman also fears a change in her environment. She did not want a change in environment because “how can I insult him that way” (Miller 1.4). In the best interest of her family, she does not want change, but tragically this slowly drives her husband to death. She does not realize that a change, like a move to the country, would help their situation. Although not understanding that situation, Linda had a clear perception to what their status was in their present situation. Constantly nagging Willy with numbers for insurance, car repair, and other bills, drives him to the grave. Emily too understood her situation clearly when she was alive. Their “perfectly beautiful farm” out in the country was a safe haven …show more content…
The open-mindness and ability to try new things opened the door for Emily and Mr. Webb to the perception of the meaning of life. They learned their self-discovery lessons because there was no one to restrain them. In a word, they were luckier than that of Willy and Linda because their road to discovery was easier and shorter. But Willy and Linda were not unlucky. There were many open opportunities that they could have seen their wrongs and what was right. Yet they were unable to because their character, one of stubbornness and blindness, did not allow them to see these open windows. The window which opportunity lies is always open, our minds must be trained in order to perceive it and gain deliverance from this

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