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Third Party Billing and Payment Agreement
This form must be submitted for each semester of registration at the Canadian University Dubai. The University will accept third party contractual agreements if the following conditions are met:

The terms and conditions of the financial obligation between the student and the third party are clearly identified.
This agreement form is signed by the third party and the student.

DEADLINE for SUBMISSION: This form must be submitted prior to the end of the Add/Drop period of the semester.
Student Name

Student ID

Third Party Name

Mobile Number

Billing Contact Name

Billing Address

Billing Mobile/Phone
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I fully understand that if I withdraw from a course I am required to inform the sponsor or organization that I have withdrawn and/or changed the terms of this agreement. I acknowledge that I will be eligible for a refund based on the assigned percentage or amount identified above. The refund will be applied to the next semester of registration until I withdraw from studies at the Canadian
University of Dubai or graduate.I understand that there is no refund of scholarship, bursary or discount amounts.



Thirty Party or Sponsor Agreement
I agree to pay the amount specified above immediately upon receipt of the University’s invoice and that payment is not contingent upon the student’s grade or academic status.
I understand that I or my organization must respect payment deadlines and that I or my organization will pay late payment penalties or be subject to UAE laws regarding delinquent accounts.
I agree to pay the amount by bank transfer or cheque only. The University does not accept Third Party payments by cash or credit card. I fully understand and agree that if I or my organization does not pay the amount identified in this agreement in full, that the student will be responsible for the full amount and will be unable to obtain an Official Transcript, qualify for graduation and/or register in

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