Essay about Lois Lowry 's Novel, The Giver

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Tentative Thesis for Topic #13:
Sameness is a central theme in Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver. In her novel, Lowry warns the reader of the danger of conformity by creating a utopian community that operates based on the idea of sameness. This utopian society manipulated people by getting away their right of choices, their emotions, colours, memories of the past, music, and everything that makes them different from each other and makes them to notices other people’s differences. With all of this important things in life that is relinquished from the citizens of this utopian community, the reader can feel that this is a complete opposite of a utopian society; this is a dystopian and destructive society.
Source #1: Returning Teaching and Learning to Its Original Complexity – Alyson Huntly
1) I start searching for the keywords “sameness in The Giver” in the advanced search of the Morisset library’s main page. This took me to the 2 pages of articles. I browsed the titles of the articles and on the second page of the search results, I saw the Alyson’s article. The title of her article seems that it doesn’t have anything related to my topic but there were words “sameness in the Giver” that was highlighted as the part of the article and seemed to be related to my topic. I downloaded the PDF and save it to my desktop.
2) Alyson Huntly received her master of Theological studies at Andrew’s college in Saskatoon and her PhD in Education at the Queen’s university in Kingston. Huntly is…

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