Essay on Logic Vs. Rational Thinking

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Rational Thinking According to Popkin and Stroll, logic can be defined as the most fundamental branch of philosophy that “deals with the nature of thinking itself” (237). However, the depth of understanding logic is so much more than ethical speculations and metaphysics. Whether or not something is deemed logical, depends on how consistent and coherent any particular piece of that reasoning is, as logic attempts to distinguish good reasoning from bad reasoning. This then can determine whether an argument is valid or invalid, and furthermore allows one to establish conclusive inferences about an argument. By understanding the structure of the relationships between concepts and ideas and by utilizing empirical evidence from experiences to ensure the validity of an argument, one can derive justified true belief, also known as knowledge, from any syllogism. There exist two types of an argument, known as “deductive logic” and “inductive logic”. Deductive logic attempts to create valid reasoning that will make it “impossible for the inferences based upon these reasons to be false” (Popkin and Stroll, 239).This means that if reasons are given and if these reasons are valid and are deemed to be true then the inferences made are conclusive. To better understand this, one may further dissect the two forms of an argument. Deductive reasoning is one of the most basic forms of valid reasoning. A deductive syllogism typically begins with a general statement that is the hypothesis. This…

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