Logic Appeal In Advertising

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What gets your attention?
Today there are so many different advertisements, they use anything and everything they can to persuade the audience to buy their product, but what grabs one’s attention when an advertisement comes on? A commercial with hamsters driving a little green car, a commercial with a sad looking puppy and a celebrity asking for donations. Or maybe a commercial about yogurt and the host is giving all the nutritional facts of why it is so good and healthy. What all of these advertisement have in common is that they all have an appeal, which is what companies use to attract buyers. The appeals are; Pathos, ethos, and logic. Ethos calls on shared values between company and viewers, showing viewers that the company understands.
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Dove’s “ Each and every day” advertisement campaign is a great example of the Pathos appeal. This advertisement shows a little girl getting out of bed and putting on a blue dress. Throughout the day she goes through each age, at the end where she is an elderly woman, she takes a bite of Dove chocolate and reminisces over the day. This advertisement shows that life could end at any moment and to take advantage of life and enjoy it while it last. Everyone needs a reminder that life is short and to enjoy it. Which is why this emotional advertisement opens your eyes to enjoy your life, and Dove chocolate. A good example of the Logic appeal is the Mac vs P.C advertisement. This humorous commercial shows two men, one posing as a Mac and the other man posing as a P.C. Throughout the advertisement the Mac man is comparing the two computers with how Mac is much more reliable, faster, and cost worthy. Some people do not want the fancy spokesman or extremely hilarious commercial to get the attention for a commercial, some people just want the truth, the straight up facts about how one product is better than the …show more content…
Companies ratio and compare who buys their product more and they gear their advertisements towards those people. Not all advertisements are funny, have an a lot of facts or even make sense. Companies just want to get the attention of the viewers, and their reaction to the commercial decides whether they buy or not. For a grown man; he might like to know the straight, raw facts of a product. A woman will want to know how much she will save, and a teenager will just want the commercial to be funny for them to be sold on the product. Everyone is different which is why there are so many different appeals. But which appeal is the one that trumps them all. The advertisement that tugs on viewers’ heart and makes them want to call their mom. Maybe it is the advertisement that makes the viewers feel like someone understands what they are going through and can help. Or the advertisement that tells you every detail about the product and how much better it is then those comparing. Or maybe it all just depends on how funny it

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