Log 3: Impersonate Writing Style: Meaning?

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Register to read the introduction… Are first talk started off normal, he introduced himself has a 19 year old boy that centers his life around soccer, not much information was let out the first few days I was only able to learn he had a younger brother and that he is really close with his family. Day 4 was the day I will never forget; he sat down in the chair quietly as he always does, but the words that left his mouth were what I was no prepared for. “Have you ever hurt someone?” He looked up at me asking his eyes looking as if they were asking the question themselves.
“Hurt how? You mean physically hurt someone?”
This comment seemed to hit a trigger, the let off a detonation that apparently had been ticking for a rather long time. “No. I mean emotionally….mentally…have you ever made someone feel like nothing?” Tears began to form from his eyes; as he quickly looked down as if to hide them from me but still kept talking. “Have you ever hurt someone who did nothing but care about you? Who was willing to go that extra mile while others rarely gave you an inch?” He began to talk softly as if the words were a curse, as if each word he
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I live in the past, every night I go to the past. I have you ever looked at someone and just hated their guts? Just hated everything about them? I do all the time, I see him every day, every time I look in the mirror I see the person I hate the most; myself. Listen to me when I tell you Doc, I’m not a good person and by the end of this story; you’re gonna realize it, you’re going to realize why I hate waking up everyone for classes, why I can’t bear to look in mirror. ” He looked up at me his words were full of anger but his eyes her reflecting pain, as if he was remembering an awful

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