Essay on Lodging Management : Lodging Manager

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Lodging Manager They 're the first person to be seen when walking into a hotel. The person who provides direction, guidance, and care. Without them, guests would lack the attention that they need. This is a lodging manager, they have multiple responsibilities, but ultimately their number one goal is to create the best experience they possibly can to every guest that walks into their establishment. A lodging manager is a manager who is employed at any type of lodging business, they oversee all of their guests to make sure they’re having an optimal stay and they oversee their entire business to make sure it’s running properly. (“Lodging Managers,” 2015, What They Do section, para. 1) A lodging manager’s work environment is found in hotels, motels, resorts, and many other lodging venues. (“Lodging Managers,” 2015, Work Environment section, para. 2) Hotels can range from very small to extremely big, some room only a few hundred while others can hold thousands. Resorts can hold multiple restaurants, stores, or even casinos. These variations in the field of lodging management allow employees to continue to grow in their skills and keep climbing up to higher positions. A motel manager could some day become a full service resort manager as long as they continue to work hard and gain the skill set that is required for their desired position. As the lodging sites varies, so does the lodging managers’ duties. The typical duties required of a lodging manager according the the…

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