Lodging Accommodation At Hotel Services Essay

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lodging. Bed and breakfast Inns structures varies from cottages, to ranchstyle houses, to multistories town homes, to villas, cabins, stately mansions and even lighthouses. The bed and breakfast route is taken by leisure travelers who seek accommodation in lodgings that are between formality and casualness.
Hotels are made especially for commercial travelers and vacationing families, close to major highways. Hotel service vary from the location. Hotels located in the center of the city meets the needs for many traveler, with either business or leisure purposes. These hotel offer a variety of accommodations and services, such as “decor, butler services, concierge and special concierge floors, secretarial services, computer, fax machines, beauty salons, 24hour room service, swimming pools, valet service, ticket office, airline office, car rental, and doctors/nurse on duty or oncall.”
(Walker, J.R, J.T, 2012). Along with these services, city center hotels also offer some type of dining place, whether its a company based restaurant, coffee shop, lounge, bar, ballroom, meeting and convention room or a classic and sophisticated night spot. Hotels located near airports vary in terms of guests. The guest pool vary from business mens and families on vacation. Airplane hotels are usually accommodated by passengers with either early or late flights or those who wait for their connecting flight. They care for the guests who may temporarily feel like they are in a different time zone.…

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