Locus Of Control In Hillbilly Elegy

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Everyone has different experiences in life and goals to meet. In the book Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance it illustrates how it is possible to succeed no matter your circumstances or background. Several factors in the industrial organizational psychology field, along with the book are very well described in realistic situations and events that give you a better understanding of the terms and ideas in industrial psychology. Not many think they can accomplish their goals, or find it to hard to believe that they ever could. For instance, my mother was the first one to graduate from her family with an associate in art and science. I always believed I would accomplish the same as her, which I did, and not till several years later I thought why not …show more content…
This term maybe can describe the whole book in relation to the term found in the textbook. J.D. Vance had a discouraged childhood with no father figure and a mother who suffer drug addiction. His mother and father figures were his grandparents that raised him most of the time. Yet he managed to lead in the Marine Corps and accomplish law school by attending Ohio state university and transferring to Yale. Not many people go through such though childhoods, and some even live modest lives to say they can accomplish their goals but don’t seem to ever reach them. We do have control of our lives no matter what background we have or what culture we come from. The need for achievement usually brings out the leader that lies in us. In many cases leaders are not born but made. The responsibility of being a leader sometimes intimidates a person, however either you want to succeed or not. I recall a time when I took a manager position at the age of 24. I thought I am to young, nobody is going to respect my orders, and that I am not going to achieve the goals in the company. Nevertheless, I thought this is a good opportunity and experience why would I let this opportunity out of my hands. I motivated myself to accept the job and succeed in it that when I decided to part ways with the company to continue with my studies to pursue my bachelors, they offered me a higher pay, which I rejected. The stress of the job would have not let me focus on school and conquer my next step in life but it did encourage me to go for more than the small goals I had set in life. In some situations some people are born with the leadership in them while other are

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