Lockheed Martin Strengths And Weaknesses

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Milestone 2: Core Competencies, Key Strengths, & Key Weaknesses
Lockheed Martin Corporation is the largest Defense Contractor in the world with $46 billion in net sales in 2015 (10-K, 2016). Has been the prime contractor in many of the Air Forces biggest projects in recent years. No other contractor has been awarded a fighter or attack aircraft contract since 1988.
Market Leading Position. Lockheed Martin is the world’s leader in combat and logistical aircraft, anti-missile systems, maritime surveillance and recon systems, space systems, and unmanned aircraft. In conjunction with providing systems they are also the largest supplier of IT services, system integration, and training to the United States Government. They have delivered
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This is no longer the case with advent of network-enabled operations. Gone are the days that each aircraft is a separate entity, with its sensors only giving information to its operator and the that operator having to relay information on to other aircraft or back to command. Through fully fused sensor information, over the combat network, all aircraft can “see” what the others can. The radar for one is the radar for all. This is not limited to just radar and is extended to all sensors and equipment that field them. A drone flying 10,000 feet above the battlefield can send a complete picture back to the A-XX Linebacker and its F-35 escorts all without them having to use their own radar maintaining the element of surprise. This especially significant for a non-stealth attack aircraft flying feet above the trees to come in hot and delivery weapons on target before the enemy even knows it’s there. For the competition to enter this field and be effective they will need to license or contract with Lockheed Martin to be fully compatible with the current state-of-the-art. This gives Lockheed Martin the strategic advantage of being first to market and having the A-XX Linebacker only further the market penetration. Lockheed Martin now owns Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and further spread its battle network system into the helicopter market. The fog of war is quickly being eliminated through a cohesive decentralized

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