Essay on Location And Geography : Haiti

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Location and Geography:

Haiti is a Caribbean country that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean neighboring the Dominican Republic (CIA, 2016). The capital of Haiti is Port Au Prince, and according to studies by the CIA it is also the most populous city. It is stated in the world fact book, edited by the CIA (2016) that, 27,560 sq. km of Haiti is land and the rest 190 sq. km surrounded by water. This island nation is home to millions of people living in terrible conditions. The CIA reports claim the island is slightly smaller than the state of Maryland. However, Haiti has twice as many people living on its small island compared to Maryland. Due to its location Haiti is prone to tropical climate and is semiarid where mountains in the east cut off trade winds since most of the terrain is rough and mountainous (CIA, 2016). The country is also rich in natural resources such as gold, marble, hydropower, arable land, etc. and 66.4% of the land is used for agricultural purposes such as for crops and pastures while 3.6% remains forest land, and the rest 30% is used for other purposes as last reported by the CIA (2016). Even with such rich varieties of natural resources the country is unable to sustain itself. “The island lies in the middle of the hurricane belt and is subject to severe storms, occasional flooding and hurricanes and periodic droughts” (CIA, 2016). One of the biggest threat to the Haitians is the location of their home. At any given time, the…

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