Local State Federal Police Essay

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Local, State, Federal Police

Angela Brandon


March 25, 2013
Frank Owens

Local, State, Federal Police

The United States uses police officers on three different levels to deal with citizens that violate the laws. The local, state, and federal agencies operate on different levels. Maintaining order and service functions, purpose of policing is to do investigation of suspected criminal activity and refer criminals to the American court. Police is needed to help maintain peace and order within the United States. Many critics feel that the policing is unorganized and nonfunctional. The police are able to do their job and help other agencies control the public. The local, state, and federal are able to aid each one if
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They are allowed to perform functions outside the jurisdiction of the county sheriff. They are responsible for enforcing laws on state highways and interstates, protecting the governor, and providing technological and scientific support services. The state has the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and also the State Bureau of Narcotics (SBN) . Some states changed the name of their state police agency like Michigan did, for the “Michigan State Troops at the time replaced the National Guard” (Olander, 1932).
The federal law enforcement has a wide range of agencies to help maintain law and public order that can affect the country. They are authorized to enforce various laws on the federal level. They can enforce laws on the state and local levels as well. The federal law enforcement have nationwide jurisdiction for enforcement, but specifically their power is geographical limited. The United States Code helps limit the power of investigating matters within the power of the federal government. The USA Patriot Act have made it possible to broaden the federal agency investigation powers. Some agencies that are on the federal level involves the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The biggest federal agency is the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ is the most prominent, well known agency and handles most law enforcement

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