Lng in Australia Essay

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Darwin forms part of the Northern Territory with a population of around 245,000. The economy is highly concentrated on petroleum, and energy producing minerals. With the number of developments undertaken during the recent years, tourism is becoming a major pole of the economy. The city of Darwin is currently undergoing a fast expanding infrastructural development and is setting the necessary bases to become a major pole in the port industry especially in shipping and freight industries. The strategic position of Darwin linking Australia and Asia is a major driver for the current and future development of the City. The economy is benefiting from these development and the GRP amounts to $22 million. The expansion and
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As the construction phase began, and with the arrival of mainly male workers in the city, negative social impacts will definitely be characterised by social isolation for residents, increased social evils, like crime, prostitution and drugs and also a fear from local residents in wage differentials. Some residents will start question the viability of this project and concerns about security, lifestyles and job creation for local people will start arising.
As Darwin is experiencing rapid growth in population, the workforce will be dominated by male and the labour market will be disproportionate. Local government will find it difficult to cope with such situations and new level of demands will have to be met. There might be a problem of underfunding or a funding lag. There can also be limitations in the information flows between the government, the promoter and the community, which will weaken the power of jurisdiction control.
Economic benefits can be smaller than the high expectation set initially, in the longer term. As more and more workers will enter the industry, this will create an inflationary gap. Higher demand will cause prices to hike and workers will start demanding for higher wages to compensate for the increase in prices. It will create a situation of price instability and businesses may suffer from rising costs and some will be forced to lay off. The

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