Living With Art By Mark Getlein Essay examples

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In the book Living with Art by Mark Getlein, part five; Arts in Time, chapter fourteen; Ancient Mediterranean Worlds, discusses art in the different ancient cultures around the Mediterranean. Egypt had a brief section in the chapter. Analysis of the Seated Scribe (page 330), gives us a better understanding of the everyday people in Ancient Egypt and the importance of the preservation of history.
The statue was found the Necropolis at Saqqara, by the Djoser step pyramid, in 1850 by Auguste Mariette. The statue is made from painted limestone and alabaster. It has rock crystal eyes and wooden nipples. The height of the piece is 21 inches. It was carved in the fourth or fifth dynasty, 2600-2350 B.C.E., Old Kingdom. Unfortunately, little is known about the man who is portrayed in the statue, not even his name. By understanding the visual elements and principles of design, we get a better understanding of this man, his daily life, and our past.
Even though, he did not have pharaonic status, he was still of high class because he had a statue made in his liking, a very extraordinary one, at that. The color of the Seated Scribe is outstanding for being around 4,500 years old! The color palette is very simple, black for the hair, white for the kilt and papyrus, and red ochre for the body. All three colors in the piece are heavily saturated, may be why it has lasted for so many years. The statue shows movement by how the legs are carved out from the base and how the kilt…

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