Living Under The Cold And Icy Season Of Winter Essay

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Hypothesis: Children born in poverty do not have a lower prevalence of physiological stressors.
My Initial Hypothesis
As we enter the cold and icy season of winter, one can only imagine what those who live in poverty are feeling. While I sit in my warm and cozy dorm room multiple questions run through my mind: Are those less fortunate eating a hot meal today? Do the parents and children have a warm place to sleep? Sadness and guilt surround my heart for these people. Outside of what they might be lacking physically, I did not think to consider what they could be lacking mentally, especially the children. Children who are born in poverty are susceptible to many stressors, consequently having an effect on their overall health. By having the pre-exposure to poverty, those children have a higher chance of living in poverty for at least half of their lives. Living under the norm is all the children know, so the want for a better life will not be given to them naturally. If they want to obtain a better life, hard work and a lot of effort will need to be put forth in order to reach their goals. Poor standards of living have a major affect physiologically on adolescents living in poverty.
The Empirical Evidence The basic definition of poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Parents ' poverty-related stress can affect children 's biology through chronic activation of biological stress mechanisms or their immune systems…

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