Living The Life Of Poverty Essay

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Living the life of poverty

Many face the ongoing challenges of poverty time and time again, and although there has been process made people still find themselves forced into uncomfortable situations due to impoverishment. Living in a world ran by image, and class one can see as to why poverty is seen as the lack of brand and materials. According to poverty is “the state or condition of having little or no money, goods or means of support” (Dictionary, 2016). Jo Goodwin parker author of what is poverty? Describes her personal experience with poverty and the challenges that come with it. Goodwin points out that “poverty is getting up every morning from a dirt and illness stained mattress, the sheets have long since been used for diapers poverty is living in a smell that never leaves”(Parker - ‘what is poverty?). Seeing people in these conditions so often has led to lack of emotions. As human beings we are so desensitized that we overlook the issue of poverty and fail to realize that poverty does not just affect one group, but everyone being that it affects the balance of the economy.
There is a huge wage gap between the poor and the rich and it grows more and more overtime being that wealth have a great deal of control over the poor. Being that the rich own businesses, property, the media, and so much more it plays a key factor in the livelihoods of so many emotionally, mentally, and financially. Joseph Xavier Casillas argues that “The rich…

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