Living The American Dream : America Is Not A Perfect Place Essay

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In every commercial you see about America, what do you see? You see farmers working in their fields, you see doctors tending to young children with their mothers smiling in the background, you see large cities with buildings so high they pierce the clouds, you see people dancing in the streets, children sitting at desks learning from large projectors, you see scientists working with the latest technology, you see the perfect ideals. However, America is not just given, it is made. This ideal is not handed to you on a silver platter, this ideal happens when you take an opportunity. These opportunities are jobs, the voice of the people, and the freedom we are given. We have a right to these opportunities. These opportunities are what make so many people say they are “Living the American Dream”. America is full of opportunities; these opportunities are what enables to shape our own American dream. That is the gift of our United States.
America is not already a perfect place. We have poverty and pain, racism, and illegal immigration; we are not perfect. America simply provides opportunities. With advanced technology, the freedom to do what you wish and the tools to get the education they need to take the opportunity, but you have to be willing to work at it. There are many different races, ethics, religions, ages, and opinions yet every single one is given an opportunity. If you were to walk down the street of New York, you would see many different people. People with…

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