Living Is Easy, Life Is Easy: Living Is Hard

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Dying is Easy; Living is Hard The main thing I remember is how cold and dark it was. I knew there were other people there, but in that moment I was alone. I couldn 't see, I couldn 't breathe, I couldn 't move, I was dying. I had never felt the weight of my mortality before and it was a rude awakening for a kid. I was five years old and I was not expecting to dance with death that day, however I gained a new appreciation for life and a new awareness of death. Something that has worked its way into every aspect of my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Before then, I had never realized how little I knew about the hardships of life or the ease of death. It started out as a fun day; my parents, brother, sister, and I went hiking in the hills of North Georgia. We hiked up Lookout Mountain then down a crack in the plateau that leads to a place called Cloudland Canyon. At the bottom of the gorge there was a pool where a waterfall cried. Rocks protruded from the water; small pebbles at first then large rounded boulders as you went further away from the shore. They formed a sort of path that led around different parts of the pool. My two older siblings left to go explore the deeper parts of the pool, and they hopped and slid from rock to rock. …show more content…
I cried, I scraped up my knee, I whined and complained; I lived life. It was long and hard, it hurt a lot of the time too, but I realized how fast dying was, it came from nowhere, following no rules and paying no mind to how you might feel. It sung me a quick lullaby to sleep, and I was only lucky enough to be woken up. It’s something that has stuck with me as I have gotten older, and as I see more and more of the people I know and love die, I am reminded of my own close experience with death. I see her now as she follows, a shadow behind each person 's light and I realize just how easy dying is, and how difficult life can

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