Living in the Environment 16th Edition Chapter Review and Vocabulary

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Describe the (a) carbon (b)nitrogen (c) phosphorous and (d) sulfur cycles and

describe how human activities are affecting each cycle.

Vocabulary Words

Genetic diversity








Trophic level






Ecological efficiency

Pyramid of energy flow

Biogeochemical cycles

Practice Questions – Chapter 4

Biodiversity and Evolution









What are the four major components of biological diversity? What is the

importance of biodiversity?

What is an endemic species? Why is it vulnerable to extinction? Distinguish

between mass extinction and background extinction.

What is species diversity? Distinguish between species richness and species

diversity and give an example of each.

Describe the “Theory of Island Biogeography”. Illustrate your answer.

What is an “ecological niche”? Distinguish between generalist species and

specialist species and give an example of each.

What are the reasons that the amphibians are vanishing? List some reasons

why we should protect them.

Describe the role of a beaver as a foundation species.

Give three reasons why we should protect sharks from being driven to


Vocabulary Words

Biological evolution

Natural selection

Adaptive trait

Differential reproduction


Geographic isolation

Reproductive isolation

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