Living in Digital World Essay

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The development of technology has brought different in our life. People nowadays are more depending on technology to do works daily. It is a new brand world that brings technology as a something essential and important. People are more comfortable in using gadget such as smart phone, laptop and much more. Using Smartphone, they can use internet freely. Even student tends to learns from internet. There is a lots of e-books, articles and reliable source of education that they can get through simply using internet. The best and closest example of organization that use internet and website as their medium to deliver message and information to students are UTM itself. In UTM, they use e-learning and aimsweb as the
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In more developing countries such as Korea, they have also provided mobile paying application where they can simply swipe the phone and pay up the bills. This is more convenience as we don’t have to bring lots of cash or card to pay up the bills. In future, it will be good if we could apply this advancing technology in our own country.
In this developing world, people are more comfortable doing everything by using internet. Even bank has provided online banking to check and manage their account. People also can easily pay up their bills, fine and much more, simply using internet. Every organization even the government has provided online application so that people can easily connect to them. For example, to apply for scholarship and even intake to university, we need to apply using online system first and then send the application manually to the preferred university. To me, this application makes the process of choosing candidate easily as the system will sort all the application and leaving the eligible one only so that the university can choose the rest.
Last but not least, to me, everything has a disadvantages and advantages. As in this topic living in a digital world, it can bring good and bad consequence. But if we use the technology appropriately and following the rules correctly, it would bring a lot of advantages to us as we can use the technology in a good way to make sure that we are always updated

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