Living in Australia in the Turn of the Century 1901-1914 Essay example

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How people lived in Australia around the turn of the century: * Living in 1900: * There was 3 categories in which how people lived and where they stood: * From lowest to highest it was the working class, the middle class and the upper class. * Working class: The lowest category and lived poorly and worked for long amounts for limited amounts of money and resources. * The middle class lay in the middle and was the group of people in society that had bigger better houses on their own block of land and were quite well off when it came to money and resources. * The upper class was the highest of them all and the people who qualified to be in this category were very wealthy and proper people. * The wealthier the …show more content…
* This was provided as the people were seen as getting very elderly and needing to retire and Australia felt like it was now the governments turn to ensure that the elderly had welfare and could provide for their wives, and maybe children. * There was criteria in order from people to receive the pension : * They had to have resided in the Commonwealth for more than 25 years and to be of 'good character * They also had to be whit Australians meaning that aboriginals (indigenous people), non-residents, Asians and people from the pacific islands were excluded from the old age pension. * An individual who had an income of more than £52 chilling’s ($104) per year or owned property valued at more than £310 chilling’s ($620) became ineligible for the pension. * This meaning that if they were very rich or well off then they didn’t need the extra money as they already had plenty of their own. * THE INVALID PENSION: * The invalid pension was designed for people with a disability which prevented them from being able to support themselves through paid employment. * It was also to help those who had devoted their lives to working for disabled people. * There was also criteria that one had to fit in with to qualify for the invalid pension: * This

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