Living In A Joint Family

People are like tapestry weaving in and out of our life while shaping us. Some as blessing some as lessons. Some we love dearly, some we hate, but I believe there is always a reason each and every person that comes in our life. Back in 90s when I was just 6 years old and my sister was two. We used to live in 5 bedroom apartment with my uncles family. Jut to give some background so things won’t sound so out of this world. I’m talking about the 90s and this happened in Middle East country so this was the norm back then. Likewise, living in a joint family system was quite common and preferred in our culture and still is. My mom was a housewife back then as my uncle’s wife was visiting her family in another country, therefore, …show more content…
As the delivery time started coming closer things started getting harder for my mom. It was one evening when my dad took my mom to the doctor as she was not feeling well, and couldn’t get out of bed all day. They left me and my sister with my uncle at home. I remember being worried about my mom as she was really down. As they left I asked my uncle “what happened to mom will she be okay did we do something bad”. He said “she will be fine but we just need to take really good care of her and keep her happy”.
As we were having dinner that evening the doorbell rang, I and my sister ran towards the door as we knew it was my parents. They were back from the hospital. My dad was took my mom in to her bedroom as she was not being able to walk properly.
I asked my dad “baba what did the doctor said is she okay can I get her something?”
I remember my dad asking me to keep quiet and let her take some rest.
“Let’s go out while your mom take some rest and I will tell what did the doctor
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For couple of days while mom was on bed rest my dad and uncle split the house chores between them. It was though for both of them as they both had a fulltime job and a business on side. Most of our family used to live at least 4 to 5 hours away. It went for like that for couple of days then someone suggested that we should a house maid. Though, we never had a housemaid before but it was not out of the norm as most of our friends and neighbors had maids. That being said, my dad and uncle asked friends and neighbors to them a maid. We never thought finding a maid was really hard too as it took five interviews and almost a month to find one. Hence, they were able to find a girl in her twenties who was looking for a job. So she started coming in daily her responsibilities for first thing in the morning was making a breakfast for everyone and getting me ready for school. I was not only a picky eater but also was quite picky about my clothes. Every morning I would give her hard time by not eat anything she would make for me or wear the clothes that she would iron for me that morning. I used to give her such a hard time but never saw her mad at me or even say anything to my mom dad. There was a saying that every time I used to bug her my mom would say “Whoever make trouble for someone will come back to them” never understood that until I had my own kids. When identically, it did as I

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