Living For Now Not Forever Essay

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Live for Now not Forever
It is absolutely imaginable that I, being born in the 90s, would have a greater life expectancy at birth than grandmother had in the 20s or my mother had 50s. What is not so simply grasped is the change in expected life span within one individual’s life. According to Nation Master, the life expectancy in 1997 for a Maltese-American female was about 80 years old. When I used the calculator on the “Living to 100” website, using my current age, my expected life span was determined to be 90 years. An increase in life expectancy is expected due to the constant increase in medical advancements and awareness of how to maintain basic health. However, I did not expect a whole 10 year difference. I believe a great deal of the dramatic leap has to do with the fact that my current life expectancy was generated toward my life specifically while the life expectancy at birth was a general number for all Maltese-American females born in 1997. I tend to care for my body by eating healthy and exercising; I imagine many others born in 1997 were not expected to do so as extensive as I do.
My current life span makes sense from the questions that were asked because it took into consideration that I eat healthy and am an active person. I know this is a rough estimate of my expected life span but, from what I know about my extended family history and the number of diabetics and victims of heart disease, 90 years old seems like a bit of a stretch. Also I have had 10…

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