Personal Essay: Priscilla's Life

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wrong in her relationship and getting in trouble for it. She was raised to be someones partner and women had to be submissive. In the beginning it was good for her, but as time went on she was always told what to do and had to do it. Her favorite part about being married was raising her children. Her husband was jealous of everyone and even his own children spending to much time with their mother but that didn’t stop her from continuing her relationship with them.
Current Living Arrangements Priscilla feels comfortable in her current home. She is living with a new boyfriend and loves her place, but does not want to stay in this new relationship. Her house is kept clean often and her new boyfriend has a maid that has been cleaning the house
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She felt that if she was pushed by her parents to do better in school she could have graduated. Instead, she quit school when she was in 9th grade. Her parents didn’t even notice or care. She does not like talking about this part of her life because it makes her feel sad. When she was in school she believes she was a good student, but doesn’t really know. She said “teachers had their favorites”. She said she struggled with school because she felt she wasn’t smart enough. When Priscilla was older she tried to go and get her G.E.D. but her children were still very young at the time and she struggled a lot. The only encouragement she received was from the teacher themselves. She does not have any plans to go back and try and get her G.E.D. at this time in her …show more content…
meetings. She could meet with a therapist weekly and write in a journal to bring to therapy sessions. By meeting with a therapist she may learn to accept and move past some of the negative things she’s experienced in her life so she can look forward to her future. The therapist could assist her in improving her suicidal thoughts as well. Also, attending A.A. meetings for at least 6 months to a year could help her through the process by focusing on improving her ability to meet and open up to new people. It would help her to learn what is most important to her in her life. I can assist her by finding locations in her area that host meetings. Some of her strengths are that she has participated in healthy social activities such as being on a soft ball team and she has family to support her in her sobriety. Priscilla could benefit greatly by these two meetings because she would not have to rely on her self any more and she would know there are people that support her. There are people out there that want to help her and are willing to if she allows them to. A goal she has set for her self is to at least make the phone call to the therapist and set up an appointment by

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