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16. HOW All Living Beings Experience Life - ‘move’ or ‘role’ through Life?
• One cannot conceive structural mental configuration of a Living Being without constituting DESIRE to LIVE or EXIST. Therefore, ‘PRIME DESIRE’ is the essential link between ‘I’ & ‘The ‘Creative Power’ within a Living Being. The Primordial Desire is through the Mother Energy connected with The Basic Energies of The Universe, in other words, “through the Primordial Desire the ‘I’ is rooted in Matter and Matter is rooted in the ‘I’. The Primordial Desire is the first form of Energy through which the presence and Existence of the ‘I’ can be recognized.” (Quote from ‘LIVETS BOG’ Vol II, chapter #530)
• A Consciousness of a Living Being is Conditioned and Maintained by
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It is Evident, to anyone with ‘mental eyes’ to see it, that All in Nature is Organized as PLEASURE – eating, drinking sleeping, even toilet needs…landscapes, summer breeze, the sunshine, snowflakes… It also becomes clear that ANY DISPLEASURE OCCURRENCE IS RESULT OF THE IFRINGMENT OF THE COSMIC LAWS. For Terrestrial Humans their host -The Earth as the Macro – Being - is the Instigator causing ‘natural catastrophes’ or ‘God’s Will’ events. However, no one else but ‘cosmically infantile’ and ‘uncalibrated’ terrestrial man is a solo trigger and THE CAUSE of turbulent mental climates which adversely affects the micro-world resulting in various …show more content…
Than Naturally Arises a Hunger for THE CONTRAST to previous. In order to illustrate the ‘mechanism’ of the principle a few examples are outlined here: relationship which is not inspirational & does not give pleasure anymore MUST end and be replaced with one which brings fresh air and elevate sensual and mental experiencing; too much light can ‘blind’ and triggers the longing for the opposite; excessive sun exposure generates a wish for a shadow, frequent wars create profound desire for

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