A And B Honor Roll Analysis

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Imagine living a perfect life, and all of it beginning to turn around due to the fact your friends convinced you to have a new outlook on right from wrong, and all those years of growing up with guidance from your family has gone to waste. Coming from personal experience, friends have a larger impact on an individual and their decisions. A child can come from a perfect family, with perfect rules, and a perfect lifestyle, yet still go down the wrong path due to peer pressure. My brother, who is now deceased, accidentally went down that path. He was not only making A and B honor roll freshman year, but he was in love with basketball, and his friends. He hung out with the “popular kids”, and enjoyed being the class clown. He came from an excellent family, with mom and dad both having great jobs. Little did his mother know that her fun-loving, energetic son, was soon headed down the wrong path. It was not until sophomore year, when one of his friends convinced him it would be a good idea to ramp his vehicle over the school fence. This event not only got him in a great deal of trouble within the school, but it also got him kicked off …show more content…
Unlike friends, we do not get to choose our family, we are born with them. So typically this means that no matter what our goals, interests, or hobbies are, family should be the one person or persons by our side. Parents and siblings will become a constant source of guidance for a child, which should teach us how to act in society, and how it is permitted to be different. When discussing the role of family, morals are a major aspect because family sets the foundation of who we become. It is the one person or persons in the family the child or teenager should feel comfortable talking to, and be able to be honest with. However, many teenagers do not find it comfortable sharing intimate secrets with their family, most likely due to differentiated ages or maturity

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