Living A Healthy Life Requires Dedication, Hard Work, And Education

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Living a healthy life requires dedication, hard work, and education. Being educated about why it is to be a wholesome person is easier said than done. Weight has become an increasingly popular subject in the United States due the obesity epidemic, which is why the focus should start with children. This topic affects all health care providers but Occupational therapists, in particular, have a role in help preventing obesity and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Research on obesity summarizes that it is caused by several factors within one’s body. First, individuals have a setpoint at which their body is regulated, and some people’s setpoint is obese; therefore, it is extremely difficult for those individuals to be skinny or normal size. Second, obesity runs in families, which may suggest there is a genetic component (Brannon, 2014, p. 351). BMI, weight, and fat distribution are heritable as well, which is why children need to be the focus when talking about weight management. Finally, the last theory explains that there is a positive reinforcement of eating and that it “encourages people to eat more due to personal pleasure, social and cultural cues, etc” (Brannon, 2014, p. 351). As one can see obesity isn’t caused just by one thing, the ecological model of public health supports this idea because the model explains how social and physical environments (also support from OT framework) shape patterns for disease. Most times obesity is heritable/ due to genetics (physical…

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