Living A Christian Life By Brian Jensen And Keith Martel Essay

1715 Words Nov 14th, 2016 7 Pages
Learning to live a Christian life is one thing, but living out what we have learned is another story. As Christians, I think we have a greater responsibility because we know how the world should look, and we need to step up and lead the people around us. In order to share the gospel with others, we have to take a look at what God is calling us to do. Leading others consists of knowing what the Christian life looks like, sharing that with others, and staying faithful and truthful in what we say and do. Brian Jensen and Keith Martel did a wonderful job of explaining the gospel in their book Storied Leadership: Living and Leading from The Christian Narrative. They started out telling the creation story the same way I’ve always heard it, but I felt like they highlighted on things that I never realized before. I liked how they explained that God created everything “according to its kind” because “everything has limits or boundaries and possibilities or potential” (45). This led to them explaining that as humans, created by God, we also have these limitations and potential. Jensen and Martel said, “It was not only their possibilities, but also their limitations that made Adam and Eve human” (49). We are created in God’s image, which has given us some of His qualities, but we are sinners and we have boundaries. But even in the midst of these boundaries there is hope. It was new to me how Jensen and Martel told the gospel by not going any further than the creation story. When I…

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