Livestock And Agriculture Is A Large Part For Why Earth 's Climate Change

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Livestock and agriculture is a large part to why earth’s climate change is complication in today 's time. It is a factual drawback with the evidence and data to support its being. Though the time finding plausible facts about cow grazing, our group made an agreement on what is actually a true based fact for then just a myth. It has been a known and analyzed fact livestock produces a chemical called methane that emits into our world 's atmosphere and is known as the leading cause to why our world is heating up. “Twenty percent of methane in the world is emitted from cows which comes from their digestive system, depending on if they burp or release waste from their rectums. Within their waste billions of bacteria is released due to plant matter, which the bacteria release methane,” (UCSB Scienceline). “Data shows that adult cows can burp put 280 liters of methane each day and dispose 116 thousand pounds of waste every second,” (Cowspiracy). Basic numbers on just the amount of methane that is released into our atmosphere shows that grazing and pastures, especially in the Amazon have a negative effect to just not the land but also how the methane can result in global climate change. Data results that have to do with methane measurements have increased far past a normal quantification then preceding years. “The federal government of the United States have documented that methane in the air has risen forty percent since 2004, and seventy percent higher than emissions from

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