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Bouncers; 17th of October at High Wycombe Swan Theatre.
Bouncers is a comical, yet serious dive into urban nightlife. The actors use multi-role to play a variety of different characters with hilarious results. Throughout the updated version of the play, John Godber (original writer and director) highlighted his intentions through Lucky Eric’s daunting monologues; we still drink too much as a society today. Nonetheless, the dated stereotypes and the use of Frank Sinatra and ‘Thriller’ did make the play feel slightly dated.

The play list seemed to be the most updated part of Bouncers; the current music, including artists like LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, Stooshe and Rihanna, was very popular with the predominately young audience. The pace of
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The use of older actors and the elimination of the punks and punters interacting with the bouncers suggests that Godber understands that bouncers are no longer prominent in urban nightlife.

Godber updated a variety of cultural references in Bouncers to modernise it. Bouncers was first performed in 1977 by John Godber and Peter Geeves at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to an audience of two; a drunk and a critic. The critic left after five minutes and the drunk gave an impromptu performance of his own, at one point. In performances of Bouncers after the disastrous first attempt, Godber and other directors implemented a range of cultural references to ensure that the audience would be able to relate; the audience size grew larger as popularity rocketed. In the performance we watched, the music was extremely culturally modernised; the girls put on a track by The Wanted, much to Susie’s liking, and the bouncers come back onto the stage after the interval to ‘Blackheart’ by Stooshe. The funky, vivacious music kept the audience thoroughly invigorated and absorbed within the play. Also, they had changed a Jason Donavon reference to Robbie Williams; Godber was aware that a predominantly young audience would not have a clue who Donavon was. It is clear that Godber intended for Bouncers to be as updated as possible.
John Godber was born in a mining town in West Yorkshire and raised in a working-class background. Many of Godber’s plays were written to relate to the

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