Live Right Promotion Essay Example

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Last but not least is the promotion, of LIVE RIGHT PLAY RIGHT INSTITUTION. Social media, filers, websites, business cards, and word of mouth will be all promotions. The comparison how my institute would work would be a prior school I attended St Johns Military Academy. But I will leave the military part out due to my experience. I believe at times military forget that they are training people not machines. I would like for our youth to think rationally. St Johns had all sports that you can think of and also had things for students not interested athletic. We also participated in parades which was another form of promotion marching in Chicago Saint Patrick Day Parade. My school gave me an opportunity to explore my talents the same that inspire me to do …show more content…
Whether it’s the police mistaking our obedient kids with the kids that lost hope long time ago. Our new generation is lacking the maturity, discipline, integrity we once use to live by. Even the day we use a fist for a fight, now you lucky to come home from one. The Live Right Play Right Institution focuses on our youth education, discipline, and integrity to turn young girls and boys into young women and men. We are an institution of higher learning we want to bring the best out of each individual. How we do that, is the same passion engraved in me to help young adolescence discover the same passion that burns in them. It’s of matter of finding out what, this institution starts from 9th to post grad its location as stated before in an evergreen rural where distractions is limited. Which give us as an institute enough time to bring the man or women hidden inside your children’s body? To start an institution financial plan consist of many parts to keep the upgrade and staff compensation by law contracts. When dealing with financial management of an institution there are an abundance of information

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