Live Free and Starve Essay

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni was born in 1956 in Calcutta, India. After spending almost the first two decades of her life in her home town she immigrated to the United States. There she earned her PhD from Berkeley and became a published author. One of the stories Divakaruni wrote was Live Free and Starve. This story deals with the issue of child labor in third world countries. The U.S. House passed a bill that no longer allowed the import of goods to America from factories that forced child labor was used. Many Americans were pleased by the bill because they thought it was bettering humanity. However, Divakaruni had different feelings towards it. Divakaruni uses the method of cause and effect to help portray her thoughts to the audience. …show more content…
If at the time the anti-child labor law had hindered her mother from allowing the young boy to work for them he may have become very ill and not been able to help out his family. The story says, “…when he handed the bulk of his earnings over to his father, there was a certain pride in his eye…he thought he was a responsible member of his family.”(p.370). Divakaruni thinks that child labor is bad but the unemployment of millions of children may not be the answer.

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